About Us

Tryb4uFly provides disabled adults and children the opportunity to try seating and transfer options in a realistic fuselage setting before they fly. 

With the guidance of a trained Occupational Therapist, we help you select and try equipment that is right for you to reduce your concerns preflight, and help you decide if flying is a viable means of transport for you.

We are part of the UK Charity Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation (QEF) Mobility Services.

We believe that everyone has the right to the best possible quality of life.  As a leading UK disability charity, QEF has over 80 years' experience of developing innovative services to ensure that disabled children and adults reach their full potential.

QEF Mobility Services

We enable people with disabilities to achieve independence and freedom outside of their homes.  We are the only mobility assessment centre within the M25 and carry out over 1,000 mobility assessments every year. We offer practical advice, assessment and training for those wishing to drive or increase their mobility through technology, personal mobility vehicles and adapted cars.

Travelling by air is a natural extension of our mobility services, combining a practical understanding of disability with your lifestyle choices to help make journeys by air more comfortable. We work closely with airlines and regulators to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Our Mission

For disabled children and adults to have the opportunity to try the products that are available to use in an aircraft in a realistic and supported environment, and make informed choices.

To help ensure these products are readily available to increase the opportunity for travel by air and to reduce the airlines’ operational risk by giving experience and confidence to the passenger.

Tryb4uFly Centres

Tryb4uFly assessments are available at QEF Mobility Services in Carshalton, Surrey, The William Merritt Disabled Living Centre in Leeds and RDAC in Birmingham.

Contact us

QEF Mobility Services
1 Metcalfe Avenue
Tel: 020 8770 1151
Fax: 020 8770 1211
Email: mobility@qef.org.uk

William Merritt Disabled Living Centre

William Merritt Disabled Living Centre
Aire House
Town Street
LS13 1HP
Tel:  0113 350 8989
Email: info@wmdlc.org

Unit 11, Network Park
Duddeston Mill Road
B8 1AU
Tel: 0845 3371540
Email: info@rdac.co.uk


In 2010 the charity MERU www.meru.org.uk researched the seating needs of disabled children on board aircraft, supported by Devices for Dignity. The Tryb4uFly concept developed in conversation with parents of disabled children who expressed their confusion and anxiety about flying.

It became apparent that some parents were very reluctant to take their child on board an aircraft, fearing that, if their child was not properly supported, it had the potential to be a distressing experience, and one they had little control over.  This experience was shared by other potential passengers, who were concerned about how they would transfer to the aircraft seat, given their own mobility requirements.

The concept was developed by QEF Mobility Services, whIch purchased an ex cabin safety trainer fuselage and started to offer assessments for disabled children and adults in October 2012.

With some clients travelling in excess of 300 miles for assessment, QEF approached Motability to develop the service to other UK Mobility Centres, with British Airways kindly providing aircraft seats. 

In March 2014 The William Merritt Disabled Living Centre in Leeds became the first licensed satellite service, this was followed by RDAC Birmingham the following year.